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1/ARRI AMIRA Camera Set with Premium Licence – All Included + 4K UHD Licence

Operating hours: 2151

Camera licence model: Premium

Set includes:

ARRI AMIRA Camera Body with Premium Licence incl. Anamorphic

AMIRA Steadicam Top / Bottom 

Light Weight Hand Held Base Attachment 

19mm Base Attachment 

Sliding Base Plate 

Eyepiece Leveller 

19mm Long and Short Bars

15mm Bars 



ARRI’s Sony Style Quick Release Plate 

5 x 120GB C-Fast Memory Cards 

C-Fast Card Reader / Cable 

prijs 23500,- euro excl btw/vat


2. Arri Amira body S# Premium 4K

w/ EVF & hard case  
4600 hrs.
1x  UAP 2

4x 120G CFast cards                       

1x  512G CFast card
1x  CFast card readers                               

1x  USB thumbdrive
1x  19mm Bridgeplate 
1x  12” dovetail                    

1x  Power supply

garantie 3 maanden

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3.ARRI AMIRA premium 4k CA 1400 UUR

1 x K0.0001092AMIRA Camera Set with Premium License – All Included
A 35 format documentary-style digital camera with an electronic viewfinder and a 16:9 sensor area. Records onto in-camera CFast 2.0 cards. Outputs HD-SDI on BNC connectors. Exposure through electronic rolling shutter: 5.0° – 358.0°.
10.0001095Premium Licence Key
Includes HD 1080i & 1080p; 2K (2048 x 1152); Framerates 0.75-200 fps; Recording Formats ProRes 422 (Proxy), 422 (LT), 422, 422 (HQ), 4444 in Rec709 & Log C; Unlimited Looks functions; Import Looks, Import custom 3D LUTs; in camera image parameters for Knee, Gamma, Saturation & other; ASC CDL in-camera grading; focus and exposure control tools; Dynamic Auto Tracking Whitebalance*; WiFi Remote Control*; Bluetooth Audio monitoring*; Pre-record function*.
K1.71700.0AMIRA Camera Body, Camera Handle, Viewfinder Mount, Viewfinder Cable
K2.75004.0AMIRA Viewfinder MVF-1
Note: CFast 2.0 cards, lens mount, battery adapter and camera base mount are not included and need to be ordered separately or as part of an accessories bundle and/or lens mount bundle.
AMIRA Accessory Bundles & Lens Mount Bundle
1 x K0.0001245Accessories Bundle II
Typical documentary style accessory bundle for the AMIRA camera. Includes:
K2.75000.0Wedge Plate Adapter WPA-1
K2.0003623CFast 2.0 Card 128 GB (3x)
K2.0001242CFast 2.0 Card Reader
K2.75005.0Microphone Holder Bracket MHB-2
K2.0001223Shoulder Belt Adapters SBA-1
K2.0000399ARRI Quick Release Plate QRP-1 (for WPA-1)
K2.0001240AMIRA Camera Bag
1 x K2.0001107PL LDS Lens Mount
AMIRA PL LDS lens mount for PL mount lenses. Includes 12pin Hirose connector for ENG style lenses.
AMIRA Battery Adapters
1 x K2.75002.0V-lock Battery Adapter
Attaches to the back of the AMIRA camera and accepts V-lock on-board batteries. Batteries can be hot-swapped.
AMIRA Cables
2 x K2.0003823AMIRA Viewfinder Cable Short (0.5m, 1.6 feet)
Connects the AMIRA Viewfinder MVF-1 to the MVF socket on the camera.
2 x K2.0003822AMIRA Viewfinder Cable Medium (1m, 3.3 feet)
Connects the AMIRA Viewfinder MVF-1 to the MVF socket on the camera. For a longer distance between viewfinder and camera.
2 x K2.75007.0AMIRA Power Cable Straight (2m, 6.6 feet) KC-50
Connects the BAT AMIRA power input to a battery power output with an XLR 3 pin connector.
AMIRA Accessories
1 x K2.74000.0Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-3
Sturdy telescoping bracket that positions the Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1 or MVF-1 at the back of the camera (i.e. for use with geared heads). Includes swing-out arm to rest viewfinder on camera during set up changes. Requires medium (recommended) or long viewfinder cable.



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4200 hrs, very nice as you can see in pics

coming with top handle, shoulder and base plate, PL, VF and 4x CFast Sandisk 120/128 GB with reader DOWNLOAD PDF see beneath

European stock