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Merk: Panasonic
Panasonic AY-HDVM63MQ de introductie van nieuwe HDV Tape – Ideaal voor HD opname Industrys hoogste rendement en een laag foutenpercentage. Verder verbeterde duurzaamheid voor het opnemen in HD-modus van Panasonic High Density Nieuwe MQ Technologie Met de inzet van Panasonics eigen AME-technologie, de nieuwe band bereikt een super hoge magnetische deeltjes dichtheid. Hogere uitgangsniveau (+1 dB hoger dan de conventionele DV tape) Minder dropouts laag foutenpercentage Original Hybrid Glijmiddel Panasonic hybride glijmiddel technologie maakt gebruik van een optimale mix van verschillende kenmerken voor een hoge betrouwbaarheid en duurzaamheid. Minimale hoofd verstopping Lagere tape-to-head wrijvingsgetal (langere levensduur van de printkop) en stabiele tape vervoer Verbeterde duurzaamheid voor hoge snelheid pendelen, nog voor-beeld afspelen en professioneel bewerken van zacht plastic behuizing met 2-weg Opening Verhoogt Tape Protection De cassette jewel case case is gevormd uit een zachte hars dat niet zal breken, zelfs bij vallen. De 2-weg klep constructie kunt u eenvoudig de tape uit te pakken met een hand, zelfs tijdens het fotograferen Deze tape vervangt de Panasonic AY-DVM63AMQ Opnamemodus Spoorbreedte opnametijd HDV 1080i 10 micron 63 min.. HDV 720p / DV (SP) 10 micron 63 min.. HDV 720p / DV (LP) 6,67 micron 94 min.. Download Panasonic Brochure over de AY-HDVM63MQ

Brand: Panasonic
Panasonic AY-HDVM63MQ Introducing New HDV Tape – Ideal for HD Recording Industrys highest output level and low error rate. Further enhanced durability for recording in HD mode Panasonic High Density New MQ Technology With the employment of Panasonics proprietary AME technology, the new tape achieves a super high magnetic particle density. Higher output level (+1 dB Higher than Conventional DV Tape) Less dropouts Low error rate Original Hybrid Lubricant Panasonics hybrid lubricant technology employs an optimal blend of different characteristics to ensure high reliability and durability. Minimized head clogging Lower tape-to-head friction ratio (longer head life) and stable tape transport Enhanced durability for high speed shuttling, still-frame playback and professional editing Soft Plastic Case with 2-Way Opening Increases Tape Protection The cassette jewel case case is molded from a soft resin that won’t break, even if dropped. The 2-way lid construction lets you easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting This tape replaces the Panasonic AY-DVM63AMQ Recording Mode Track Width Recording Time HDV 1080i 10 microns 63 min. HDV 720p / DV (SP) 10 microns 63 min. HDV 720p / DV (LP) 6.67 microns 94 min. Download Panasonic Brochure on the AY-HDVM63MQ

High-output Panasonic tape is ideal for the HDV format, which is weak in error correction.
The large amount of information for HD image quality produces images with smooth edges and excellent color reproduction. It also has fewer dropouts, which makes it ideal for professional uses that demand high reliability.

Recording Time

Industry Highest Output with Less Dropout

Panasonic’s advanced S-AME(Super Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology has increased magnetic density to achieve the highest output level in the industry.

High Output Level
Less Dropout

Enhanced Still Durability and Low Head Wearing

With Panasonic’s original hybrid lubricant, MQ tape has succeeded in minimizing head clogging, while suppressing increases in the friction ratio (increasing head life.)

Comparison of still durability
Comparison of friction increase

Comparison of Lubricant structure

Robust DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Film

In order to ensure the tape’s performance under challenging usage conditions, a much thicker professional DLC film is employed to provide significantly added strength. A proprietary surface treatment has been applied to enable a uniform coating of the lubricant.

Tough cassette with anti-static lid

The precision engineered cassette shell is molded of ABS resin, which prevents warping and provides tough impact resistance and durability.
The anti-static cassette lid treatment repels dust, debris, and contaminants, minimizing dropouts. A paper label comes already affixed, allowing for quick and easy writing.


2-way opening soft case

A soft material that won’t break if dropped is used for the cassette case. The 2-way lid construction lets you easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting.

2-way opening soft case

MQ Series Line-up and Specifications

Mini HDV/DV/Professional Mode


Recording time
Recording Mode Track Width Recording Time
Professional mode 15 µm 42 min.
HDV 1080i 10 µm 63 min.
HDV 720p / DV (SP) 10 µm 63 min.
HDV 720p / DV (LP) 6.67 µm 94 min.
Coercivity 120 KA/m
Max Residual Magnetic Flux Density 500 mT
Squareness 0.8
Optimum Recording Current 0 dB*
Data Signal Output level (21 MHz) more than 0 dB*
Frequency Response (21/10.5 MHz) within ±2 dB*
Overwrite (10.5/21 MHz) less than 2 dB*
C/N (21 MHz) more than –1 dB*
C/N (10.5 MHz) more than –1 dB*
Output level (0.47 MHz) 0 dB*
Overwrite (0.47/21 MHz) less than 1 dB*
Impulse Response (1/90 Tb) within ±5 %

* As compared to DV Cassette reference tapes

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