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Sony’s DVCAM for HDV Tape was redesigned by their hardware and media engineers, to enhance recording media. This provides a highly durable DVCAM format videotape specifically designed for professional HDV recording.

Targeted specifically toward everyday HD video applications and ideal for dailies, stringer projects or postproduction, the DVCAM for HDV tape offers extremely low error and drop-out rates, high durability and superb image quality. Offering the same tolerance and dependability of DVCAM tape, the DVCAM for HDV tape is the reliable media option for HD tape-based productions – at the same price point as DVCAM, giving shooters an affordable, high quality option for everyday HDV recording, while continuing to satisfy the defacto standard of DVCAM recording.

High durability and high tolerance of DVCAM tape are expanded for professional HDV
The triple benefit of high output/low noise, low dropout and high durability, provided by Sony’s Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) protective layer technology, accounts for the tape’s low error rate, resulting in consistently high picture quality
Sony’s DVCAM for HDV tape offers high reliability and low risk in pause mode -especially in adverse temperature environments

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DVCAM is a professional digital 6 mm. It delivers the superior image quality that DV
compression affords and is thus ideal for both high-quality editing and low-cost
• New metal evaporation process for improved packing density and increased C/N
• DLC Protective Layer for extra durability
• 16 KB memory IC on MEM Series and ME Series, for index addresses and
shooting data
• Up to 184 minutes of recording time
• MEM Master Series cassettes offer superior quality even at 4 times high-speed
transfer mode during editing
• Cleaning Tapes: PDVM-12CL and PDV-12CL
• Allow HDV mode recording
Technical Specifications
General Characteristics
Master Carton Quantity (piece)50.0
Master Carton Weight (kg) 3.7
Playing time (min) 40.0
Tape length (m) 71.0
Weight (g) 64.0Magnetic Properties
Intrinsic coercivity (kA/m)105.0
Retentivity (mT) 500.0
Squareness (Br/Bm) 0.78
Physical Properties
Thickness: backcoating (µm) 0.5
Thickness: base (µm) 6.3
Thickness: magnetic layer (µm)0.2
Thickness: total (µm) 7.0
Width (mm) 6.35

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