PANASONIC AY-DV186AMQ advanced master kwaliteit cassette pakket 5st

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Enhanced Durability for Still Images: A newly developed robust lubricant and a durable diamond-like carbon (DLC) film with extra thickness dramatically boost durability during still frame playback, which places considerable burden on the tape. This rugged durability stands up to the repeated rewinding, fastforwarding and playback of professional editing.

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Part Number: AY-DV186AMQ

Format: DV – Large DV / DVCAM Compatible

Enhanced Durability for Still Images
High Output Level
Superb Total Performance
Low Head Wear
High-Precision Cassette Design
2-Way Opening Soft Case

Magnetic Coercivity : 120 KA/m
Max. Residual Magnetic Flux Density : 500 mT
Squareness : 0.8
Optimum Recording Current : 0 dB
Output Level (21MHz) : more than 0 dB
Frequency Response (21/10.5MHz) : within ±2 dB
Overwrite (10.5/21MHz) : less than 2 dB
C/N (21MHz) : more than -1 dB
(10.5MHz) : more than -1 dB
Output Level (0.47MHz) : 0 dB
Overwrite (0.47/21MHz) : less than -1 dB
Impulse Response (1/90Tb) : within ±5
Recording Time : 186/124 minutes

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Gewicht4 kg
Afmetingen25 × 25 × 25 cm