Sony fdr-ax700 4k camcorder

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and HDR are now available in an easy-to-use camcorder format with the Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder.
Using the HLG format, HDR (High Dynamic Range) images can be recorded
and processed for playback on HDR screens. Compared to SDR (Standard
Dynamic Range) formats, HDR offers increased color and contrast
representation that is immediately noticeable. Dual SD card slots, an
LCD and viewfinder, manual controls, a 12x zoom range, and a
comfortable form factor make the AX700 an all-around camera for
anything from family events to professional filmmaking and videography.

4K recording has made
focusing more difficult. Missed focus becomes exponentially more
obvious with the increase in resolution over HD formats. Sony’s phase
detection autofocus uses 273 points to lock onto and track subjects as
they move through the frame. Focus speed and tracking can be adjusted
to fit your project. So, whether you’re tracking fast-moving vehicles
or actors moving through the frame, the AX700 will be able to keep up
and maintain sharp focus.

For more advanced users,
Sony included S-Log2 and S-Log3 picture profiles alongside their
S-Gamut color space. Enabling this functionality grants you greater
control over the final image through post-production processing.


HDR Video Recording

Recording in
HDR using Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG) enables you to record and display
wider ranges of exposure and color than normally available in SDR
media. Without extra processing, HDR recordings can be enjoyed by
simply connecting the camera to an HLG-compatible Sony TV using a USB

S Recording Format

format is used for 4K and HD recording. Bit rates of up to 100 Mb/s for
4K, and 50 Mb/s for Full HD recording, ensure detailed video with
minimal compression noise. 100 Mb/s recording is also available at 120
fps in Full HD, so high-quality slow-motion sequences can be created
during post-processing.


Speed up your
editing and delivery with the option of onboard proxy recording.
Lower-resolution proxy files are captured alongside full-resolution 4K
video, for easy sharing and online collaboration, as well as more
efficient editing on under-powered computers. When you’re ready, simply
substitute the proxy files with the full-resolution ones to finalize
your video.

and Quick Motion

creative ways to express time’s passage. The Super Slow Motion and Slow
& Quick Motion let you capture motion in the blink of an eye,
at up to 960 fps in NTSC or 1000 fps in PAL (40x super slow motion), or
in compelling time-lapse sequences, captured at 1 fps for playback at
up to 60x natural speed.

and S-Log Picture Profiles

S-Gamut and
S-Log shooting gives you more flexibility to custom-tailor your images
by performing color grading in post-production. S-Log3 and S-Log2 gamma
provide wide dynamic range shooting (1300%), to minimize blown
highlights and crushed blacks.

While exposure may be
more difficult to judge off the LCD and EVF, exposure zebras are
available, indicating areas of overexposure using clear stripes on the
image preview. An adjustable level lets you accurately dial in the
ideal exposure for everything from skin tones to sunlit landscapes.

/ User Bit

professional workflows and multicamera editing requirements, standard
SMPTE Timecode and User Bit can be included with your recordings. With
embedded timecode, synchronizing multiple cameras for editing is
incredibly simple, while custom eight-digit User Bit codes allow fast
indexing and media management on larger projects.



Up to 273
phase-detection focus points cover over 80% of the entire image area.
This makes autofocus coverage widespread and dense enough to quickly
capture subjects, such as fast-moving ones that are otherwise difficult
to focus on.


Easily keep
track of your focus areas with phase-detection AF frames around
in-focus subjects. Switching between focus points is seamless as well,
with a simple touch on the screen to select a new focus target.

Five levels of AF Subject
Switching Sensitivity are available. The Responsive setting allows the
camera to switch quickly among multiple subjects or focus points, while
the Locked-On setting favors a single subject.

Tracking Depth Range

Select an AF
tracking depth configuration within a range from “1” to
“5”—from the narrowest setting for relatively little
movement, to the widest setting for relatively dynamic movement. This
lets you take advantage of specific ways to track subjects according to
your expressive intentions, subject movement, and shooting conditions.



electronic viewfinder allows for confident compositions. Its wide
contrast and color reproduction help accurately represent the image to
be recorded.

The 3.5″ touchscreen LCD
panel provides a convenient way to monitor your compositions. Not only
can the touch functionality be used for menu navigation, but focus
points can be selected as well.

Lens Ring

Using the
switch on the side, the lens ring facilitates smooth and precise manual
adjustment of either focus or zoom.


The manual
dial and buttons on the side of the body allow for swift, easy
adjustment of iris (aperture), gain/ISO, and shutter speed.

ND Filters

Choose among
Clear, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64 Neutral Density filters to adjust the light
level entering the lens. This gives video makers the freedom to
precisely control shutter speed and aperture for greater creative
possibilities. Utilize the ND filters outdoors to open up the lens and
create out-of-focus backgrounds.

Memory Card Slots

Dual slots
for SD card and SD card/Memory Stick support, with both simultaneous
and relay recording. Use relay mode where long recording sessions need
to span across both cards; for critical recordings, the simultaneous
recording mode provides a backup for improved flexibility in client and
production workflows.


The built-in
LANC port allows connection to a LANC-compatible accessory, so you can
control the camcorder remotely.

HDMI Output

Send clean 4K
video to external monitors and even off-board recorders, or simply
enjoy your recordings on a TV, with the HDMI output. The full-size
(Type-A) HDMI terminal provides a more secure connection than
commonly-found Mini or micro-HDMI terminals.

(Multi Interface) Accessory Shoe

The MI Shoe
is compatible with various general-purpose accessories, and further
expands the camcorder’s shooting capabilities in a range of situations.


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